indibiome is a science-art project about microbes, who can save our health.
Just like indigenous people preserve antient art of healing and medicine, indigenous microbes - indibiome - can heal us without any drugs .
And just like indigenous people indibiome is on the border of extinction.
indibiome — is a happening!
24-hour lecture, dance and ritual, where microbiome shaman connects participants with ancestral spirit, and remember microbes are our ancestors.

Cutting edge technology and scientific knowledge playfully aligns with mysteries heard by shamans in the whisper of the trees.

indibiome is a chance to hear the whisper.
Are we the species to save this planet?
participants of the mystery play will be able to turn into indibiome microbes and find out for themselves
In 2019 indibiome team is making a performance in Halle, Moscow, London, Amsterdam, Boston, London, St. Petersburg and New-York
We invite you be a part of our team.
You can spread the news about us, support our team and get the provoking merchandise our team: clothes, badges or stickers.
Art Sci Nexus talk on the microbiome and globalisation effects
Scientists reveal secret of antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Russian and British scientists join forces to analyse cardiovascular disease

About us
it is said know thy indibiome self
Founder & Speaker
Design Director
Dima Alexeev
Nastya Varlamova
Jura Klimov
Meet the guys
indibiome - is growing team of scientists and artists working on conceptual installation to reveal endless and fragile world of microbes
Scientist, kids nonfic writer and wannabe science-artist. Travelling the globe and collecting microbes. Dima is 24 hour speaker on on indibiome.
In his 35 Dima done over 60 papers and other projects with scientists from MIPT, ITMO, NSU, Rockefeller, Edinburgh, Groningen, mind blowing Santa Fe complexity science institute
His bacteria have own instagram
Artist and illustrator. British Higher School of Art and Design alumni 2014. Works in mixed style. Collaborates with journals Veter, Yoga journal, Interview brands Adidas, L'occitane, ТВОЕ, Canoe, Russian Post, Ronald Macdonald house and many others
Founder and CEO of Tokyo based enterprise reinventing Human emotions and ergonomics
Yurii Stolyarov
Yuriy is an official make up artist for Maybellin NY, TV star, Fashion Week crew. Developing the visual aesthetics for indibiome happening and parties.
Artem Kosarev
Science-tech product who closed gestalt with gaming industry but not in art.
Passion to make world a better place.
Maya Paykina
Curator and producer of the project. She did all those things like festivals, Les biennalles, music production and recycling (bless her, Great spirit) service
Science&Art Advisory Board
⬛️they are making life around amazing🦠
Daria Kashtanova
Medical science
MD, PDH in therapy in gastroenterology, seeing her patients in between scientific research. Adores horses. She is a great inspiration and support for 24 hour talk. Listen, if not for the doctors like this through the history of humankind, we wouldn't have made it.
Olesya Volokh
Nutrition science
consultant for indibiome, PHD in Biophysics MSU, clinical trials and nutrition expert. Leads Science&nutrition in Danone Russia. Portfolio of food trials in PepsiCo and clinical trials in GlaxoSmithKline.
Inspiration and information on healthy food tech is her field in indibiome.
Daria Fedorova
Art science
inspires and consults indibiome in microbial science-art, creates stunning bacterial art and christian icons profile. British Higher School of Art and Design alumni.
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